Ocean Freight

Keep Your Business Sailing Worldwide

A2B Express Delivery Service Supply Chain Solutions® offers an expansive network of locations and ocean freight experience to provide you a full array of global freight and transportation services. We can handle almost any size shipment, from less-than-container loads to full container loads, special equipment, and oversized cargo. You can access a single source to manage your ocean freight services worldwide.

Freight Forwarding
As a forwarder, we book your cargo, arrange pickup and delivery, and manage shipping documentation, regardless of point of destination or carrier. With decades of experience, we facilitate the entire forwarding process according to your specifications and the applicable requirements of the import and export countries.

FCL (Full Container Load)
As one of the world’s leading Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC),* we have the carrier relationships to offer frequent departures at competitive rates for full container load (FCL) shipments from major ports around the world.

LCL (Less-Than-Container Load)
When you don’t have enough cargo for a full container, we offer less-than-container load (LCL) departures between major ports, managing every step to give you visibility throughout the process.

C & B Logistics Preferred Multimodal Freight Services
By providing you with multiple options to ship globally, C & B Logistics offers solutions that bridge the gap between the speed of air freight and the economy of ocean freight. Our A2B Express Delivery Service Preferred Multimodal Freight solutions include A2B Express Delivery Service Preferred® FCL/LCL and Sea/Air, services that take advantage of A2B Express Delivery Service road freight networks, rail service, air, and ocean transport to offer you a combination of freight options to get your shipment there faster and at reduced cost.

Project Cargo
When you need a customized single-project solution for movement of specialized equipment or involving specialized charter vessels, A2B Express Delivery Service Project Cargo Management solutions deliver global coverage, managed costs, and reliable project continuity.


  • Dependable transit schedules and sailings from major ports around the world
  • Access to space allocations with major carriers
  • Network of consolidation centers and regional gateways to manage cargo flows
  • EDI connectivity with vessel operators
  • Door-to-door service
  • Advanced tracking and reporting options


  • Simplify your transportation and freight processes with a single provider who can manage your supply chain
  • Maximize routing and transit options to global destinations across a selection of preferred carriers
  • Enhance visibility of your shipments using our advanced technology
  • Meet your volume, timing and price needs using established, reliable NVOCC* services

*Provided by A2B Express Delivery Service Ocean Freight Services, Inc. and affiliated companies. See Terms and Conditions for additional information, conditions, and limitations, at www.ups-scs.com/terms. For NVOCC services, download A2B Express Delivery Service Ocean Freight Services (NVOCC) Terms and Conditions. For ocean freight forwarding services, download UPS Supply Chain Solutions (Ocean Freight Forwarding) Terms and Conditions.